DIY Dollar Store Bird Bath

Summer feels like it’s coming to an end, but there’s always time for one last outdoor DIY home decor project.  This DIY Dollar Store Bird Bath takes about 10min to complete and only needs two materials that you can get at the local dollar store for less then $10.  Skip the expensive bird bath and opt for a beautiful, easy to make DIY one!

Materials for this project particularly easy to find and there’s usually tons of variety.  All you need is a bowl and base. Be sure to remember sizing of the bowl and base, for example they should fit nicely together. Also, choose bowls/containers that aren’t too deep as birds love to stand in the water and bathe.  I made two different bird baths; a taller one with bright colours and a shorter one that will be incorporated into our fairy garden.  Both are made the exact same way…easily!

This DIY Dollar Store Bird Bath takes less then 10min to complete!

Let’s see how to make your own DIY Dollar Store Bird Bath
What you’ll need

  • Plastic bowl or shallow container
  • Tin planter
  • Hot glue gun with glue 

There’s really only one step to complete this DIY garden bird bath and that is to glue the bowl to the top of the planter!  It’s surprisingly that simple. An inexpensive DIY bird bath that takes less then ten minutes to complete, you can’t go wrong with that.

I used the light blue planter upside down to create a tapered look, which further enhanced the bird bath. You can see the planter’s handles in the above photo, of course if you don’t like this, you can simply cover them in mulch or dirt. If the bird bath is in the grass, the handles will be hidden among the grass and you won’t see them at all!

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