Awesome Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Life gets busy and before we know it the annual Halloween Party is days away!  I’ll admit it, I spend too much time decorating my house and not enough time on my Halloween Costume.  This year, I’ve put together some great Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas that I think you’ll love.  
My friends and I usually have a Halloween Party every year, it’s an excuse to get together, drink some drinks, eat food we shouldn’t and have a laugh.  The costumes are of course the highlight of the night.  We have seen witches, ghosts, pirates, ware wolves and even Homer Simpson pass through our house.  The costumes vary in effort year to year, sometimes we’ve planned the costume for months and others it’s a quick clothes change.  

Let’s take a look at some Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Spooky Black Cat
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – Make-up is key for this one, spending extra time on creating a cat like face will go a long way.  You’ll also need some black clothes, and cat ears. Add some eyelashes too for extra flair.  
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – Some straw, plaid shirt, jeans, squares of plaid fabric, a straw hat, make-up, and to top this outfit off – a fake crow!


Clark Kent – Superman 
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – suit with a white dress shirt (preferably), a superman t-shirt, thick rimmed glasses.  Be sure to expose your superman suit at the right moment!

Little Miss Muffet
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – a cute dress, an apron, make-up and a wig (if you like) and of course a spider friend.

Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – a sh#t ton of make-up is absolutely needed to make this costume work well.  We’re talking fake skin, fillers and fake blood.  Add some old clothes that you don’t mind mucking up and you’re set!  

Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – white face paint with some black make up should do the trick.  Add some colour if you like, but keeping the contrast here really makes the look ‘pop’.  Adding a scary accessory to your hair finishes this costume up perfectly.

And a few couples costumes! 

Jack and Jill
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need -for Jack you’ll need a bloody head wrap made of some bandage material, a plaid shirt and some white bib overalls.  White will show the dirt and fake blood better since Jack has a fall and ‘breaks his crown’.  For Jill a white apron to show that she went “tumbling after”, some piggy tails and a tin bucket as a prop.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf
Halloween Costume Ideas
What you’ll need – the Big Bad Wolf will need some make up and some fake teeth, an outfit can simply be a dark coloured dress shirt and pants.  Little Red needs her signature red cloak and if you really want to have fun with it, using make-up and a contact lens to achieve a scratch from the Big Bad Wolf makes for an awesome twist on this couples costume.

There you have it!  Some pretty awesome costumes that are fairly simple, yet very impressive!  A special thank you to my friend Sarah for sharing her costume ideas and And Then Home’s ever creative Victoria and husband M!


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