Fun and Festive Halloween Garland Craft

I have this big beautiful fireplace in my living room that is begging for a Fun and Festive Halloween Garland Craft.  The mantel is looking pretty good with my purple cat and “Boo” sign, but the front definitely a little bare.  So I rounded up the kids and together we made an awesome halloween garland to hang across the mantel and it looks oh so cute!  
To make these fun little characters I used ribbon, beads for the eyes, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun and styrofoam balls.  I already had a bunch of ribbon on hand, but if you don’t a quick trip to the local craft or even dollar store won’t take long.  This garland would also work nicely with bats and ghosts.  You could replace the mummies and spiders or add to it with extra characters!  Googly eyes would also be a fun touch too.  Play with it and see what you can come up with!  Be sure to tell us about your additions in the comments. 

Here’s how to make this Fun Halloween Garland Craft

Fancy Pumpkin
This on requires some orange tinsel ribbon that I had in my craft stock.  This type of ribbon makes the pumpkin stand out and gives it some character.  To achieve this fancy pumpkin simply wrap the ribbon around the styrofoam ball, using some hot glue to stick in in place.  I added some sequinned ribbon to make it sparkle, cause who doesn’t love sparkle?!  And some green pipe cleaner glued into the top for a stem.  The pipe cleaner also works as a hook for to attach to the garland.
Spooky Spider
This guy was made by gluing some black ribbon around a styrofoam ball and adding pipe cleaners (two per side should do it) for legs.  Two small beads are glued in place for the eyes.  My girls enjoyed sticking the legs in and seeing the spider come to life!  Of course you will want any glue to be dry and cool before handing it to your little ones.
Wrapped Mummy
Finally our mummy.  Made with two styrofoam balls with white ribbon glued this wrapped mummy finishes this garland nicely.  Be sure to wrap in a horizontal direction, cutting the ribbon where needed.  Once you have two styrofoam balls wrapped, use a pipe cleaner with hot glue to attach them together, adding a piece of ribbon dangling in the middle for arms.  Add two small beads for eyes.
All the these festive characters are then added to a string or twine that you can hang on your mantel.  This garland is fun for the kids, whether they are creating it or seeing the finished product already hung!  If you love this craft check out our Creepy Halloween Potted Venus Fly Trap.
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