How to Make a Reusable Felt Poppy

It’s poppy season! As the symbol of Remembrance Day, the poppy has significant and poignant meaning. And nestled in between Halloween and Christmas, this a great time to refresh and renew your home decor, a short break amidst the two biggest decorating holidays. Come November, a reusable felt poppy can help add a little reminder to be thankful for everything we have. You can use this versatile little flower in so many ways – pillows, in vases, on a canvas, in centerpieces, wreaths, and of course, you can wear them. Happy crafting and remember to donate to your local poppy fund. 

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What You’ll Need:

  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • A black button
  • Embroidery thread in black 
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Brooch Pin


Take a scrap piece of paper and fold it in half. Draw half of a heart onto the paper, making the straight edge on the fold. Cut out the heart shape. Use the cut-out to trace the heart onto the red felt. Cut out the felt heart, you’ll need four hearts in total.

Red Felt from Amazon – $6.56


Glue the heart petals together in the centre, overlapping the edges in the middle.


Cut a circle from the black felt slightly larger than your black button.

Black felt from Amazon – $5.00


Glue the circle onto the centre of the red heart petals.


Use some black thread and a needle to stitch some decorative lines around the black felt circle. Sew a black button into the middle of the black circle.

Embroidery Thread from Amazon – $1.05


Glue a brooch pin or magnet clasp to the back of the poppy and you are done!

Pin Clasp from Amazon – $7.99

Check out our Remembrance Day Craft  – Elegant Button Poppy for more November decor – its also makes for a great family project.

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