15 Creative Valentine’s Kids Crafts

Valentine’s Day has crept on me again this year but the girls and I still managed to fit in a few Valentine’s Crafts to keep us (them) busy.  While looking for inspiration, I managed to find a lot of crafts that were really cute, easy and inexpensive to make.  Today I’m sharing a couple of my favourites.  Take a look at my top 15 Creative Valentine’s Kids Crafts.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


These googles are a quick and easy craft that creates hours of fun.  Take a look at Make and Take’s – Pipe Cleaner Heart-Shaped *LOVE* Goggles
Make and Take – Pipe Cleaner Heart Shaped “LOVE” Goggles
This one is oh-so-cute.  Just looking at this makes me smile, fun, cute and easy.  This craft is a blast to make!  Crafty Morning – Paper Plate Heart Cow  
Crafty Morning – Paper Plate Heart Cow
Christina made these very cute yarn wrapped hearts with her kids and shared them.  Easy to make and beautiful when finished. 2 Little Hooligans – Valentine’s Day Crafts with the Kids  
2 Little Hooligans – Valentine’s Day
Cute and easy to make the kids will love to see this card garland come together.  Have them pick out all of the heart cards and tie on their favourite valentines ribbon.  And Then Home – Deal Up this Heart Cards Garland
And Then Home – Heart Cards Garland
Lessons, gestures, 14 acts of kindness.  This craft incorporates a fun task everyday until Valentine’s, and includes a free printable.  Make and Takes – Counting Down to Valentines, Free Printable 
Make and Take – Counting Down to Valentines, Free Printable
This one is one older kids can do all by themselves.  Put the materials out and have them create!  Provide a bunch of different beads so they can make many hearts.  They can work as Valentines too.  Activity Village – Beaded Ornament  
Show the animals some love this Valentine’s and get the kids involved, they will love seeing the birds using their bird seed hearts.  Wine and Glue – Love Birds: Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders  
Wine and Glue – Valentine’s Day Birdfeeders
These little guys are super cute.  This tutorial shows how to make the cute monster, and how to make the pom-pom!  Check them out.  Practically Functional – How to Make Pom-Pom Monsters
Practically Functional – How to Make Valentine’s Day Pom-Pom Monsters
These melted crayon hearts are so easy to make and the kids love them.  The Nerds Wife show you how to make these fun melty crayons and also give you some printable valentines to stick them to! The Nerd’s Wife – Handmade Valentines: Heart Shaped Crayons
The Nerd’s Wife – Crayon Hearts
Add a cute heart shaped tag and fill them with colourful candy and you’ve got an easy and inexpensive valentine.  Your kids will love to choose different colours and candies for each of their friends.  And Then Home – DIY Mini Candy Favour Jars 
And Then Home – DIY Mini Candy Favour Jars
Your kids will love to paint their own coasters for Valentines.  Once the coasters are cut, they can paint any design they’d like, keep them for use in your home, or have them paint their friends initials and give’em away!  A Bubbly Life – DIY Heart Coasters – Valentine’s Day & Wedding Favors!
A Bubbly Life – Heart Coasters

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This craft is a fun one!  Once the tissue paper squares have been cut this craft is quite simple.  They look very pretty hanging in the window too!  First Palette – Tissue Paper Suncatchers 
First Palette – Tissue Paper Suncatchers
This one is great for the kids to make a parent…because then we get to eat the brownies too ?. Putting the ingredients into the bottle is not only fun for the kids, but they are learning too, winning combo if you ask me.  Check out this cute Valentine.  And Then Home – Brownie in a Bottle – A Sweet Treat for Valentine’s and More
And Then Home – Brownie in a Bottle
Who doesn’t love a craft with googly eyes?  This card will have your kids giggling, they’ll love sticking the eyes on the card and giving it to their Valentine.  Kendall-Jackson – DIY “I only have eyes for you” Valentine Card 
Kendall-Jackson – DIY “I only have eyes for you” Valentine Card
This one is very easy and you likely have all the materials needed to make it.  Fuzzy Mama gives you the step by step instructions with pictures and examples on how these stamps can be used.  Fuzzy Mama – DIY Valentine Stamp 
diy valentine stamp
Fuzzy Mama – DIY Valentine Stamp
I hope you liked the list and you found a craft or two for you and the kids to make this Valentine’s Day! 
Happy Crafting! 

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