Boho Chevron Gold Leaf Key-Holder

We carry keys with us everyday, it’s one of those things you never leave home without. Yet somehow they manage to disappear every time we walk through the door. You swear you put them down in the same place every day, yet somehow come morning – poof – they’re gone.  The need for a key holder is real. It’s not just a fun, super-cool DIY, its a morning lifesaver.  I will admit, I have been living on the edge. Every morning I search through my purses until I remember which one I was carrying yesterday and finally find my keys, just in time to run out the door. No more! It is time to make a Boho Chevron Gold Leaf Key-Holder so my mornings will be a little bit smoother.


To decide on a design I searched images of different types of key-holders. There are key-holders made of everything you can imagine. Lego, seat belts, corks – if you can think of something, someone has made a key-holders out of it. As incredible as these designs are, there is one flaw that I couldn’t overlook. Most of the designs have the keys dangling from the bottom of the key rack which I wanted to avoid as I didn’t want the keys scratching the wall. So I decided on a full board design to protect my paint. For the design I was inspired by a drink tray I saw in home decor store. It looks complicated but it’s actually pretty easy, a roll of masking tape does the trick. Hopefully you love it as much as I do, here’s how to make one…


What You’ll Need:

  • Masking Tape
  • Wood board
  • Acrylic paint in white, dark brown, dark blue and light blue
  • Gold leafing and adhesive
  • Paint brushes
  • Small hooks (I used these decorative wall hooks from a home decor store)
  • Screws and a drill


Tape out your design onto the wood board. Start with the chevron in the middle of the board, laying down three stripes of tape. Use a ruler to make sure it’s even. Once you measure out one line, you can just tape the rest in, no need to measure all the stripes. Continue with the rest of the design, straight lines on the bottom half and a reverse chevron on the top.


Remove tape from the lines you want to paint white, take a look at the completed pic to see the pattern. Paint the exposed lines and let dry. It’s very important to let the paint dry completely before you move onto the next step. If you try to cover the painted lines too soon the tape will remove the paint.


Repeat the same steps with the dark brown paint, recovering the white painted lines with more tape. The light brown stripes I left unpainted to let the wood show. If you don’t like the colour of your wood board, paint these lines with a medium tone brown.

Lets add some colour!


Once all of the brown and white paint had dried start on the chevron. Paint the top line in light blue and the bottom line in dark blue.


The middle line will be gold leafed. Tape off the blue lines of the chevron (make sure the paint is dry). Paint the exposed line with a layer of leaf adhesive. Follow the directions on your leaf adhesive, most of them need to set for a few minutes to become tacky. When the glue is ready, lay pieces of gold leafing over the adhesive and brush lightly and gently with a dry paint brush. Gently brush away the excess leafing.


I decided to add a small box at the bottom of the board to hold little odds and ends. I painted it match the striped design. If you are also adding a box use some wood screws and drill into place. TIP: Use some hot glue to hold the box into place so it doesn’t move around while trying to attach it.


Screw or attach your hooks to the board at the top.


Hang your Boho Chevron Gold Leaf Key-Holder on the wall and never lose those keys again.  Looking for some fun home decor?  Certainly check out these bright Beach Decor – Flip Flop Hangers!

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