Adorable Cat and Yarn Mobile for Baby

Nothing says nursery like a Baby Mobile. Especially since Baby will spend a lot of time in their crib. Give your little one something cute and meaningful to look at while they drift off with this adorable cat and yarn mobile. This project can make a wonderful gift or a great project to make while you’re expecting. It does take some time, there are a lot of little pieces here, but it is definitely worth it. No one would ever guess that you didn’t buy it from a baby shop.

Adorable Cat and Yarn Mobile

What You’ll Need:

– Embroidery hoop or metal ring
– Felt sheets in grey, dark grey, pink, white and black
– Embroidery thread in light grey, dark grey and black
– Embroidery needle
– Yarn in pink, blue and multi-colour
– Tiny Styrofoam balls
– Hot glue gun and sticks
– Scissors
– Template – get it here


Firstly, wrap the small Styrofoam balls in yarn. Start by holding one end of the yarn against the ball and wrapping the yarn around it, to hold the end in place. Continue wrapping in different directions until the whole ball in covered.


Secondly, loop the tail end of the yarn under one of the previous loops (a darning needle can come in handy here if you are having trouble lifting a loop). Tie a knot where you have looped the yarn and leave a long tail attached to the ball for hanging later. Repeat until you have four tiny balls of yarn.


Trace the front and back cat templates out onto dark grey felt and cut out the shapes.Cut out two small triangle of pink felt for the ears and glue them onto the back cat shape.


Trace and cut out the belly template from some light grey felt.

Cute Kitty Smiles!


Cut out a small pink triangle to make the cats nose. Glue the nose into place, on the top edge of the tummy piece. Embroider a mouth under the nose.


Glue the tummy piece to the front of the cat, only use glue around the outside of the tummy piece, don’t put any glue in the centre or you won’t be able to stitch on the mouth. Use some of the black embroidery thread to sew on some whiskers.


Cut out two small circles of black felt for the cat’s eyes. You may want to use something like the end of a marker to trace the circle before cutting. Use the light grey embroidery thread to make some highlights in the eyes. Loop the thread three or four times very close together to make the larger dot and only once for the smaller one. Glue the eyes into place.


At the top of the cats head, glue a long length of yarn, sandwiched between the two layers. This is how the cat will hang from the mobile. Add a small circle of light grey felt to the front and back of the tip of the cat’s tail with glue.


Glue the front of the cat to the back; be sure to only put glue on the inside of this piece, so that you can stitch around the outside. You don’t need much glue here, it’s only to hold in place while you’re stitching. Use the dark grey thread to add a blanket stitch all the way around the cat. At the tail and ears, only go through the top piece for the blanket stitch instead of putting it through both layers.

Photo Credit: My Poppet
Photo Credit: My Poppet

Almost Finished This Adorable Mobile

Make four little cats, either all the same or in any design you like.


Tie the string from each cat and tiny yarn ball to the hoop. Simply tie a couple of knots and cut off the excess string. Try to tie each piece at a different level.


Finally, cut three long pieces of yarn to hang the mobile with. Tie each piece to the hoop and then hold the mobile up and level it by pulling each string higher or lower. When you are happy with the length, tie all three strings together into a knot and then again to form a loop.

Finished! A project that takes some time but one you will fall in love with.

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