How to Make Favour Boxes from Scrapbook Paper

Wedding favours are a great way to give your guests a little gift to thank them for taking the time to come to our wedding. Add a personal touch by choosing something to give your guests that has special meaning to you and your partner. For my own wedding we choose a Flake bar. This chocolate bar has some special memories attached to it for us. Just before M and I got married out friends arranged a fun scavenger hunt for us on a crazy weekend in Banff National Park. We spent a day running around trying to tick photos off of our lists, boys vs girls.

One Point: Walk in the river wearing with no shoes on
One Point: Walk in the river with no shoes on (that was cold water!)


The designated meeting spot
The designated meeting spot (Yes, Mr. M had to wear that pink jacket and tiara for the whole day)

One of the tasks was to go into the candy store separately and try to guess what each other would buy. When we met later that day we both pulled out our choices… and they matched! Out of all of the choices in that store, we both picked a Flake bar. We attached small tags with this story attached to our favour boxes so we could include our guests in the story.

The Flake Bar
The Flake Bar

The challenge with choosing an unconventional favour is that they do not always fit into the ready made boxes you can buy. This problem can be solved with DIY. Christine and I made 200 of these little boxes to give out to our guests. I suggest using a card-stock scrapbook paper, its both cost effective, comes in countless colours and patters and is strong enough to hold the favours. Finish the boxes with ribbons and custom made tags.

scrapbook-paper-favour-boxes-custom-tagOur custom tag we used to tell the story of our Flake Bar favour

The template I have attached is the one that I created to fit a Flake chocolate bar. You can use this template as a guide to fit your favour by measuring each side of the item you are gifting.

The finished boxes on the tables. Photo Credit: Banga Photography
The finished boxes on the tables. Photo Credit: Banga Photography


– Card-stock scrapbook paper
– Template – get it here 
– Scissors

– A ruler
– Pencil
– Scrapbook glue



If your favour does not fit into the template (template measures 8″ x 1″), measure it and adjust the template to fit. 


Cut out your template and trace it onto the ‘wrong’ side of your card-stock. Cut out the box shape.



Fold the paper on all of the fold lines (a bone tool can help to make sharp creases).


Glue the side tabs together to make the box.


Let dry and decorate! Get your friends and family together to make short work of this wedding task, and have fun!

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