7 Great Printables for the Easter Holiday

Unfamiliar with printables? Essentially, they’re bits of art or stylized text that you can frame and place around your home. They’re especially great for a quick addition of seasonal decor during holidays, which is why we’re covering Easter printables today.

We’ve looked long and hard for really inspiring or generally pretty printables that you can print off yourself at home and place wherever your heart desires. Here they are.

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  1. He has Risen! This neat printable quotes Matthew 28:5-6 and comes from One Dog Woof (which is a pretty great name for a website). Bonus: Chiwei from One Dog Woof now sells professional prints of her designs through her Etsy store.


  2. Bunnies! This is a pretty simple design. Even the bunnies are simple. But wow are they cute anyway. As you decorate for Easter, these wonderful bunnies will add some fun to your home.


  3. Colorful eggs. To stick with the lightheartedness, these eggs will not only bring about that Easter mood in your home (and get any kids excited for any upcoming egg hunts you have planned), they’ll also add a dash of color. Definitely not a bad thing!


  4. Artful flowers. Speaking of color, these painted flowers will bring some of their own, as well. A “Happy Easter” greets whoever sees your framed printable, and if you have other Easter decor, this will go great with it. By the way… if you look closely, you’ll even see a little bunny in there.


  5. Bunnie’s Delight. Okay, you’ll need to scroll down a bit on the page to get to this one, but you’ll be glad you did. This is a part bunny humor/part homage to the Sugarhill Gang classic “Rapper’s Delight.” You’ll find yourself repeating “The hippie to the hippie to the hip hip hop” all day after placing this in your home. In case you were wondering, this is exactly the printable I’d hang up in my place.


  6. All the things. This piece of Easter printable art takes the form of subway art, using stylized text to mention everything from “Here comes Peter Cottontail” to “Jelly Beans” and everything in between.


  7. Chalkboard humor. “Easter: the only time it’s okay to put all of your eggs in 1 basket!” Come on, now that’s just funny. And I really like the style of this printable, with chalk-like text on a chalkboard-like surface.

Do you have any favorite Easter printables you’d like to share? We’d love to see them!

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