Glittery Coastal Christmas Seashells

Coastal Christmas has been trending for a while now but it really made a mark last season with home décor stores dedicating entire displays to this beachy movement.  This week, we bring you some inspirational ideas to introduce the seaside into your holiday style.

My project this week is some painted and glittery shells. On our shelves in the living room we have a little wooden dish. Every season I switch out what sits in the dish – its currently holding some sparkly skulls for Halloween. I had been thinking of doing something a little different this year for Christmas, so when Christine and I decided to dedicate a week to a coastal theme, I thought of my dish! These Coastal Christmas Seashells came out better than I expected, and as a bonus, only took me an hour to make!

It may be snowing outside but with these decorations, the summer vibe will last a little bit longer.

What you’ll need:

  • A variety of seashells
  • Paint in navy and gold
  • Glue
  • Teal glitter
  • Paint brushes

Cover some of the shells with glue.

Before the glue dries, dip or pour glitter over the shells.

Paint some of the shells gold. This will most likely need two coats, be sure to let the paint dry between layers.


Paint the remaining shells navy. I painted only half of these cone shells for a fun effect.

Let dry.

Arrange into a vase, dish or plate to display and you’re done.

Looking for some more Coastal Christmas decorations?

And why not pick up the supplies for this project too:

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