DIY Magic Monster Spray

It happened.  My middlest daughter is afraid of monsters.  Our first never had a problem sleeping in her own room, never had nightmares, doesn’t need a nightlight and I’m pretty sure doesn’t even care about monsters let alone sees them.  But our poor middle child has let them in.  So, in a struggle to help her sleep better we created some very special, very powerful DIY Magic Monster Spray.  Thank goodness it worked!
DIY Magic Monster Spray
DIY Magic Monster Spray
The first night she mentioned monsters she was full of tears and fear.  She was in such a state I had to take her downstairs to get her attention off of the monsters that were coming through her door.  I definitely didn’t want to see her go through this again so the next day we created some Magic Monster Spray.  
DIY Magic Monster Spray
The next night we went through our normal bedtime routine and as she was getting into bed I mentioned the monsters. She looked at me scared.  Then she remembered what we made, the Magic Monster Spray.  I explained again that it’s a magic spray that will not let any monsters into her room.  Then I asked her where the monsters were getting in, she pointed at the door.  We went there first, I let her spray the door.  Her sister (who shares a room with her) sprayed the windows, and I sprayed the closet.  The smile on her face was so big, I already felt better.  We continue to spray every night.

Here’s the recipe I used: DIY Magic Monster Spray

What you’ll need:
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Sparkles or gem stones
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Stickers
DIY Magic Monster Spray
What you’ll need to do:
This Monster Spray is so easy to do.  First, stick your stickers onto the bottle.  Then all you have to do is put the ingredients into the bottle.  Start with the water then add some gem stones and finally a couple drops of essential oil.  Give the bottle a swirl before each use.
DIY Magic Monster Spray
DIY Magic Monster Spray   
The essential oils give a fragrance to let their imagination think it’s definitely working, if they can smell it…the monsters can too right?  The gems are just for fun, my daughter is obsessed with sparkly things so it works for her.  And the label is just to make it seem legit.  They will check it out, even if they can’t read, trust me!  
DIY Magic Monster Spray
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