Yarn and Felt Valentine’s Day Wreath

I love festive decor, and I especially love festive outdoor decor! Having a festive, DIY wreath on the front door lets all your visitors know that someone very creative lives in this house. And it gives me a sense of pride to see a beautiful, unique decoration that no one else in my neighborhood (or even my city) has. So I set to work and created this charming yarn and felt Valentine’s Day Wreath, and I am just smitten with it!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to get started on this year’s lovely decorations! This wreath is easy to make, perhaps a bit time consuming with the yarn wrapping, but still very easy. A perfect craft for a chilly day in front of the fire, or when watching a movie. With minimum effort here comes maximum impact – this sweet wreath will make you feel the love!

What You’ll Need:

– An embroidery hoop or foam wreath base
– Yarn in three colours
– Felt in beige and light and dark pink
– A straight-ish branch
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– A small piece of ribbon or lace

Tie the first colour of yarn around the hoop. Start wrapping the yarn around the hoop, keeping the loops tight against each other.

Cover half of the hoop and then switch to the next colour. To do this, tie the two strings together and continue wrapping with tight loops, covering the tails as you go.

Add as much of the accent colour as you like, I added a stripe every couple inches in my design.

Find an obliging neighborhood tree to lend you a branch. Clip off any twigs it may have.

Cut out two matching hearts from the dark pink felt. I free-handed these hearts by folding the felt in half to make sure the heart was symmetrical, but you could also trace a wood shape, or use a stencil if you like.

And now for some glue…

Glue the hearts onto the narrower end of the branch, one on top of the other to create an arrowhead.

Repeat the heart steps, but draw half of a parallelogram instead. This will make the feathers, so glue these two pieces on the wider end of the branch. *TIP: Only use glue next to the branch. Try not to get the on the edges of the ‘feathers’, it will make the next step easier.

Cut the ‘feathers’ in angled lines, about 1/4″ wide, all the way along the tail on both sides.

Add a small bow on the accent yarn. This will finish the tail end nice and neatly.

Loop a ribbon or some lace around the top of the wreath for hanging. If your using thin ribbon, you can simply tie the ends together to form a circle. If you are using thicker ribbon or lace (like I did) you will need to glue the loop in place with some hot glue (make sure you do the gluing on the back of the wreath!)

Use some more glue to attach the arrow to the hoop.

And finally, use the same technique from earlier to cut out some different sized hearts in various colours. Attach them to the bottom of the wreath.

And your done – your guests will LOVE coming over and knocking on your door!!! 😉

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