Vintage Christmas Photo Transfer Decor

Remember Christmas in the 80’s? After putting up all the tinsel, the multi-coloured shiny plastic stars and balls, and flipping through the toy section of the Sears Wish Book you settled in to watch whichever Christmas special was playing that night. If you were lucky, it was one of the great Claymation masterpieces made in the 1960’s and 70’s. The characters in these movies still give me that warm, tingly feeling of nostalgia that settles in the pit of my stomach and gets me excited for Christmas day. I wanted to create something to add to our Christmas décor that would be guaranteed to put me in the holiday mood. So I looked up some images and found four that I liked. When you do this project, you can use any characters or images that remind you of your childhood Christmas’. You can also choose the number of plaques you want to do, I picked four – to hang in a line or stack up in a square. Because of drying time, this project will take more than a day to complete. Whichever design you’ve chosen, let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

–   Wood plaques
–   A laser printed (not inkjet) photocopy of your picture
–  Modge Podge photo transfer medium
–  Foam brush
–  Sandpaper
–  Regular finish Modge Podge or other wood sealant

Sand away any rough spots on the wood for better adhesion of the image. Pick up some plaques from Amazon starting at $15.00.

Then cover the front of your image with a generous, thick layer of the modge podge, pick some here for only $16.00. It may seem odd to cover the front of the image, but this is correct. If your picture has text on it, be sure to make a mirror image photocopy so that the words will appear in the right direction when flipped onto the wood.

Lay the picture onto the wood plaque and press.

Use a credit card to squeeze out any air bubbles and to make sure that the entire image is pressed tight to the board. You could also use a bone tool, like this. Set this aside to dry for 24 hours.

The next day….

Take a damp cloth and wet the entire image.

Use your fingers or a soft rag to gently rub away the paper backing. Rub in light circles until the image begins to appears. You can rinse the board under water to help remove the paper bits that begin to rib off. Be careful not too over saturate the board though as this could cause it to warp. Let the board dry and repeat the process if there is any residue left behind.

Let the board dry completely and then sand the edges a bit if you want an aged look. Cover the image with a layer of regular Modge Podge or a sealer of your choice, pick a bottle up here.  

After this dries, you’re all done! Happy Holidays!!

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