Remembrance Day – What Does it Mean to You?

What does Remembrance Day mean to you?  
Remembrance Day, a Memorial Day to honour all who have fallen and fought for us.  At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month we all pause and remember members of our armed forces.  We have been doing so since the end of the First World War, ending in 1919.  We wear poppies, create poems, attend services and parades.  But what does Remembrance Day mean to you?




Perhaps it’s remembering those you fought along side, friends you made that helped you get through what some could only imagine.  Perhaps it’s remembering signing up for service for a war when being so young, not knowing what was to come.  It could have been years ago but the memories, are vivid.   


It might be that no one but yourselves can truly appreciate just what it was like then and now.  Perhaps you are the ones that will Remember the most.


Remembering your comrades, friends and brothers that fought along side you.  Remembering all that did not make it home.  And taking this day to walk proudly for them.  To talk about them, share stories and keep their name alive with you.  




It could be remembering a family member that helped us live free.  That important person that became part of something so big, something that must have unimaginably hard.  A proud grandchild, child or parent remembering these young soldiers that gave there youth and sometimes their life for this amazing country.


Maybe it’s remembering to take the opportunity to learn from the past and work towards equality, fairness and unity for all people.  Pausing at 11am on the 11th to remember what our soldiers have done to help us achieve the level of understanding we have today.  And to help keep that peace for future generations.




Future Generations


Perhaps it’s about teaching younger generations about the soldiers, the hardships and victories that we have seen.  Explaining that we are honouring people who help keep us safe, so that they can reflect on what that means to them.    


In the end, however you remember it was created for a big reason.  So when 11am comes around tomorrow be sure to ask yourself  “What does  Remembrance Day mean to me?”



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