Pretty Pearl Snowflake Pillow Cover

If your December is like most people, it’s a schedule that is jam packed with holiday activities. Between baking, shopping and parties there’s almost no time for DIY. But for those die-hards who will fit in a project or two, here’s a pretty pillow cover. The great part of making it pillow cover instead of stuffing it is that you can slip it over your existing couch throws for the season and then remove it after. Easier to store throughout the rest of the year and less supplies to make it. This is the perfect project to tackle while watching your favourite Christmas movie, sewing the pearls on will take time, but it’s really easy. Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need:

  • Felt (a large enough square to cover your throw pillows)
  • Decorative pearls
  • Small gems
  • Needle and thread
  • Bead glue
  • Sewing machine


Cut your felt in a long piece large enough to cover your throw pillows. Don’t cut two squares, instead leave it as a large rectangle that you can fold. That way you only have to sew two sides instead of three. Sew two sides together.


Cut six stripes of felt and stitch them in pairs to the open edges. These ties will close the pillow cover once you slip it over your base.


Turn the pillow cover right side out.


Arrange the pearls into a design that you like. I used a very simple design for my snowflake. Stitch each of the pearl beads to the felt. Use a double thread and loop is around each bead a couple times.


Use the bead glue to attach the gems in a decorative pattern. Let the glue dry and slip your new Christmas cover over your existing throw pillows. Enjoy!


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