DIY First Home Gingerbread Ornament

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum! We always have so much fun putting up the tree in our home every year.  We bought our tree the year we moved to Calgary and every year we add a new ornament to reflect on something that happened that year.  Sometimes it’s a trip, one year was our wedding, and one year was when we moved into our home.  This sweet little ornament is a great gift if you know someone that has moved into a new home or for your own tree if the new home is yours!




  • Parchment Paper (wax paper or tin foil will also work)
  • Oven Bake Clay
  • Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter
  • Snow-Tex Paint
  • Silver Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart Metallic in Pure Platinum)
  • Brown Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart Satin in Chestnut Brown)
  • White Acrylic Paint (not pictured)
  • Paint Brushes (a flat tipped brush and a fine tipped brush)
  • Clay Working Tool with one pointed end
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • House Key




Knead the clay in clean hands for a couple of minutes until clay is soft and pliable. When it is ready, form clay into a ball and press into the cookie cutter mould which is sitting on the parchment paper. Try to press the clay evenly around the mould, pushing into all of the corners. Turn the cookie cutter over to ensure the clay has filled the entire mould.  If there are any unfilled spots, turn the mould back over and continue to push until the back is completely flat.  When you are happy with how it looks, very carefully push the clay out of the cookie cutter.




Take your house key and press it firmly into the clay on one side of the house. Use a flat blade or putty knife to gently lift the key out of the clay.  Next, use a pointed stick or clay tool to make two holes in the chimney of your house for the ribbon to hang the ornament.  Now bake your clay house in the oven according to the directions of the clay that you are using. For the clay I was using I needed to bake it in a 275 oven for 30 minutes.



After you house has cooled, paint the key impression in silver, don’t worry about overlap, you can cover it up later.  Let dry.



Paint the rest of your house in brown paint when the silver paint has dried.  Then add the snow in the roof, chimney and ground with the Snow Tex.  To use the Snow Tex dab it onto the clay rather than brush on, this will give you a nice texturized snow look.  Paint the door shape around the key impression and a window beside it. Lastly add the date above the door as the house number.




Cut a length of ribbon and thread though the holes you made in the chimney.  Tie the ends into a knot or bow.  And then you are done! Either hang your personalised ornament on your tree or wrap it up to give to special someone to make this Christmas a little extra merry.



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