DIY Stocking Butterfly Kids Craft

Summer is around the corner!  Time to stock up on some crafts to fight summer boredom.  We look forward to crafting and baking during the summer to help fill the time and the girls are more then happy to join in.  This week we came up with a fun craft to make using a pair of old stockings and wire.  The girls really liked making this DIY Stocking Butterfly Kids Craft.  The best part was seeing this butterfly come together.  




This craft is great for kids because it’s easy to make with lots of colour and choices.  Get your kids to choose what colour the butterfly will be, what beads you will use and what embellishments you will add to the wings.  They will love creating this butterfly from the start!  




When choosing the beads for the body of the butterfly keep in mind that a variety of sizes works and looks the best.  The bottom of the body will begin with small beads and then gradually increase in size until the head.  We used an oval bead for our butterflies head and it ended up looking great.


We used a gel food colouring mixed with water to colour the wings and a glitter glue to create and add the embellishments.  You could use a coloured stocking if you have them and skip the some what messy dying part of this craft!  With that said, let’s take a look at the step by step instructions.

DIY Stocking Butterfly Kids Craft 




What you’ll need:
  • floral wire (one sturdy enough to hold the wing shape)
  • 2 pairs of stockings (the smaller the better, such as 0-3 month size)
  • Wooden doweling
  • Food colouring (gel is best)
  • Glitter glue
  • Embellishments (like sequins, jewels etc)
  • wire cutters
  • scissors




Step 1.  Measure and cut the floral wire, you will need two pieces, one for the top pair of wings and the other for the bottom.  The size will depend on how big you want your wings to be.  We used two 18 inch pieces.  Using the wire cutters, shape the wire into a wing shape.  




Step 2.  Cut the feet off of the stockings, you will need one foot for each wing.  When cutting, be sure to leave a longer bit of material attached, this will aid in attaching the stocking to the wire skeleton.  Stretch the stocking feet over the wire wings and tie them on using the thin piece of fabric.




Step 3.  Cut another piece of wire, about 6 inches long.  This will be used to attach the bottom wings to the top.  Wrap it around so they are secure.




Step 4.  Mix the food colouring with water and place the butterfly in, let it sit in the colour for several  minutes.  We used blue food colouring for ours and once the die was through we dipped each wing tip into a red food colouring to add some character.  When it is fully saturated remove and and set it down to dry.




Step 5.  To create the body you need a piece of wire that is long enough for the beads, plus some extra for the antennae.  Mine was 9 inches long.  When threading your beads, place the smallest on the bottom and work your way up to the biggest for the head.  Add a second piece of wire to create the second antennae by threading it through the top bead and wrapping it around.




Step 6.  When your wings are dry, add your jewels, glitter glue designs and sparkles!  Now is the time to make your butterfly unique.




Step 7.  Attach the body to the butterfly using piece of wire.  Make sure it is secure.  Leave a double thickness piece of wire on the back of the butterfly.  This will sit inside the coiled piece we will make next.




Step 8.  Finally, attach the butterfly to the wooden doweling using yet another piece of wire.  Use a 9 inch piece of wire and wrap it around the doweling tightly.  Then use the doubled wire on the back of the butterfly to attach them together.  Again, be sure they are secure.






A beautiful butterfly to admire.  My daughters love seeing their butterfly in our house plants.  They were so excited to show their dad.  Here’s two more fun crafts to do if you’re stuck indoors this summer: Michaels Copycat Nixed Media Love Canvas, get you kids to pick out what materials would look best or this easy St. Patrick’s Day Magic Wand, which is fun all year long!!
Need supplies for this craft?  Here’s a place to start*


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