DIY Gilded Ornament Stocking Holders


We are so excited to bring you this beautiful gold-extravaganza stocking holder. This is an oh-so-easy elegant, trendy decoration that you are guaranteed to love. All you’ll need is an hour of free time and a few materials to make these beautiful pieces. I made them to replace my old, outdated hangers. I searched for inspiration and finally found this design as an ornament. And then I turned the ornament into a stocking holder for my mantel. I have to admit, they are gorgeous and I love how they look. You will too, so lets get started!



What You’ll Need:

  • Large plastic DIY ornament balls
  • Gold leafing
  • Gold leaf adhesive
  • Sponge brush
  • Spray paint
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Stocking holder base


The base can be just a plain metal stocking holder from a dollar store. Start by removing the top from the ornaments so you can spray paint them. You can buy some here.


Spray paint the ornaments. Its easiest to paint the top, let it dry completely and then paint the bottom. Don’t worry about getting full coverage on the bottom of the ball as this will be covered with gold leafing. Be careful to lay a couple of light coats on so that you don’t get any dripping.


Use the foam brush to cover the ornament with the gilding adhesive. Cover the bottom completely, leaving some of the top exposed is a random pattern. Let the glue dry for 30-45 minutes until it is tacky but no longer wet.


Apply the gold leaf, small pieces at a time to cover all of the gliding adhesive. Smooth the gold leaf down as you go. Get some of your gold leaf here for only $13.65.


Glue the ornament to the holder base with the E6000. E6000 takes a few minutes to hold, you can add a small but of hot glue to hold the ball in place until the silicone dries. Pick up some E6000 here. Replace the cap to the ornament and you are done!


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