Easy and Impactful Clover Chair Sashes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Spring is (hopefully!) right around the corner so it’s a great time to add some freshness to your house.  Luckily, it’s the perfect time to add some green for  St. Patrick’s Day.  These Clover Chair Sashes are awesome little quicksies that need only a couple of materials and a few minutes to complete.


What You’ll Need:


  • Light green stiffened felt (one sheet for each chair sash)
  • Dark green stiffened felt (one sheet for each chair sash)
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • White fabric pen or chalk
  • Wood circle template

Not Pictured

  • Sewing machine




Measure your burlap ribbon around the back of your chair.  It should be snug but not too tight, you have to be able to slip the sash onto the chair back without it slipping down.  Leave about an inch of seam allowance for space to adjust the size if needed.  Cut the length of ribbon you need and use this length to measure out the remaining sashes from the burlap ribbon.


Take one of your cut burlap ribbon lengths and fold it on  half onto itself so the the ends meet.  Be sure to fold the right sides or good sides facing each other if your ribbon has a front and back.  Using your sewing machine, make a stitch to secure the ends together, leaving about an inch of seam allowance.  Don’t worry about thread colour, you won’t see it when the sash is completed.  You should test your sashes now by slipping them onto your chair backs and make any size adjustments now.


STEP TWO:clover-chair-sash-step-three

Take the base colour felt sheets (the dark green) and use the wooden circle to create a clover by tracing two half circles for each leaf and add a stem.  Cut out the first clover and use it as a stencil for the remaining clovers.


Use one of the dark green clovers you made as a stencil and trace the shape onto the light green felt sheets.  Cut out the light green clovers about ½” smaller than the outline you traced from the dark green clover.


Use the fabric glue to attach the light green clovers on top of the dark green clovers shapes and let dry.




Use the fabric glue to attach the stacked clover to the burlap sash bands that we made earlier.  Attach the clover over the seam in the sash to hide it.  Let dry and slip your  Clover Chair Sashes onto your chairs for maximum impact.

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