DIY Ho Ho Ho Christmas Banner

Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas!!!!!
The Christmas Season is fully upon us and I bet you’ve been busy decorating your entire home to get into the Christmas spirit.  And with today’s project, we’ll give you something to add to your collection, a Christmas banner which hangs vertically so you can use to decorate that spot on your wall that is empty so far because it’s a narrow spot.  I hope you enjoy crafting and displaying this creative and jolly, yet very easy to make Christmas Banner!

The Goods:

HoHoHo Banner The Goods

  • Six 4” square wood plaques
  • Three 2.5” wood letter H’s in white
  • Three 2.5” wood letter O’s in white
  • Red and white patterned ribbon (I used stripes, but polka dot or another pattern would look great too)
  • Red paint (I used Martha Stewart multi-surface Satin in Tartan Red)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun and Sticks



Step One:

Paint all of the wood squares with the red paint. You may have to use multiple coats to get nice coverage and a strong red colour.  Let dry between coats and after final coat before moving on.



Step Two:

HoHoHo Banner Step Two

Use the glue gun to attach the now red wood squares to a length of the ribbon (leave the ribbon attached to the spool during this step so you don’t cut it to short).  Use a measuring tape or ruler to make sure the squares are evenly spread, I spaced them at 2” apart.  Attach all of the squares to the ribbon.


Step Three:

HoHoHo Banner Step Three

Use the glue gun again to attach the letters to the wood plaques to spell HO HO HO.


Step Four:

HoHoHo Banner Step Four

Cut the ribbon from the spool at a length of 12” from the top plaque.  Fold the cut ribbon back on itself and glue the cut end to the back of the top plaque to create a loop to hang the banner with.


Step Five:

HoHoHo Banner Completed

Enjoy your Christmas Banner!!

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